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The concept of iMemorized as a process and method (US Patent Provisional Application No. 61/739,281) was to provide a secure site to save important information, pictures, scans, voice memos and messages that can be remotely and independently accessed by designated beneficiaries. The process also helps individuals remember important information like account and pin numbers and user names and passwords in a secure electronic format. The iMemorized service will not allow sale of subscriber information to third parties and will not allow advertising on its web site so members can securely store information without being bombarded with targeted advertising.

The system uses highly-secure proprietary servers to encrypt and store sensitive confidential information in segregated locked capsules that are impenetrable by anyone but the subscriber and their designated participants. iMemorized uses a selection of processes to provide unparalleled security including two-factor authentication in the form of one-time passwords. All information is encrypted before storage and the system never knows or stores passwords in readable form. Data is stored in contiguous areas on proprietary servers and can be ‘burned’ by a subscriber by overwriting data with random digits to ensure no raw data is available to forensic investigators.

Subscribers have highly-secure encrypted mobile access 24/7 to all their user names, passwords, pin numbers and other important information. Electronic copies of important documents like passports, drivers license, credit cards, investments, wills, living will and even voice memos and videos diaries can be permanently stored.

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