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How It Works

Gather Import Documents & Memories

Upload important information and memories to your iMemorized vault.

Important documents and memories

You have some important account information and memories you would like to pass on to specific people, and only in the event that something should happen to you (or after a certain fixed amount of time, e.g., do not open until the year 2050). Here's how you can do it.

Persoalized virtual safes
Create Memory Capsules

Create a personalized memory capsule for each person you wish to leave things for. You'll be asked to set up some security for your capsule to make sure only the person you intend can access it in the future. You'll also need to set the event or date when the capsule should become available to your designated beneficiary. This could be an (unfortunate) event such as incapacitation or death, or a fixed time in the future (e.g., 10 years from today).

Rest In Peace
Head injury icon
Alarm clock
Something Unexpected Happens

Event Capsule: An unfortunate event occurs in which you become incapacitated or pass away.

Time Capsule: The date set for one or more time capsules has been reached.

The above capsules will now be available to your designated beneficiary. Notifications will be automatically sent from iMemorized to your beneficiaries informing them of this. In some cases they will also be sent an access code which they will use later.

Transfer Files to Each Memory Capsule

Transfer important documents and memories to each memory capsule. That's it, your part is done. Return to your memory capsules at any time to update their contents.

Transfer memories to a virtual safe
Security Check

When your beneficiary visits iMemorized to access the memory capsule you've left for them, they will be asked to provide an access code which was sent to them and/or to answer the security questions you set to protect their capsule. Once they pass the security check, they will have full access to the capsule's contents.

Security check icon2
Security check icon1
That's It!

Your beneficiary can now come and go from iMemorized and download all of the documents and information you've left for them.

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