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Security Features

iMemorized was created by security experts to keep your information safe using bank-level protection. Security features include one-time passwords for two factor authentication, file and database encryption, password hashing, minimum password strength requirements, and privately hosted servers that utilize a multi-tiered application structure for improved network security.

Every file you upload is encrypted
Secure file

256-bit AES encryption is applied to every file you upload. The encryption keys are maintained by the iMemorized application. Employees do not have access to the encryption keys keeping your information safe and secure.

Memory capsule files are doubly encrypted
Double lock icon

Files added to memory capsules are encrypted a second time, using a key only you know. The encryption key is not saved by iMemorized; rather, it's generated from security questions and answers you selected when you first created the memory capsule. For this reason, iMemorized cannot help you recover this information if you forget your answers.

Two Factor Authentication
Mobile device and computer monitor

Two-factor authentication combines something you have (your mobile device) with something you know (like your account password). It's used to protect the most secure areas of the iMemorized online web portal. The iMemorized mobile app generates a new one-time password every 30 seconds. You must enter this code when prompted to access the vault area of your account.

Minimum Password Requirements
Password revealed by magnifying glass

iMemorized requires that your account password be complex enough to avoid being easily guessed or otherwise compromised.

Privately Hosted Server
Server computer icon

The iMemorized service is privately hosted on dedicated secure servers, meaning it does not make use of the "cloud" or any other shared resources.

Multi-tiered Application Architecture
Network diagram with firewalls

iMemorized uses a multi-tiered application architecture such that the database servers are hosted on internal networks not accessible from public networks such as the Internet.

Hardware Firewalls
Hardware firewall icon

iMemorized uses dedicated hardware security appliances to protect its servers from unauthorized access.

Hashed Passwords
Hashed password icon

All iMemorized account passwords are hashed using a unique salt value. Unlike encryption, hashing is a one-way operation that ensures passwords cannot be recovered even by iMemorized administrators.

End-to-end Encryption
End-to-end encryption icon

256-bit SSL encryption used to protect all data communication between your browser or mobile device with iMemorized.

Temporary Account Suspension
Access denied icon

If a user incorrectly supplies their account password in five consecutive login attempts, the account will become locked for a 24 hour period as a security precaution.

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