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Use the iMemorized Daily Journal to record your personal notes and thoughts.

iOS Mobile App Daily Journal


Create a new journal entry by selecting a date from the calendar screen. Once you've finished entering your notes, click the Send button in the top right area of the screen to send it off to the iMemorized secure web portal.

The journal opens to a calendar screen. Select a date to create a new entry.

Enter your text using the onscreen keyboard before hitting the Send button.

Note that journal entries you create are not retained on your mobile device. You must use the secure web portal to view and edit your journal entries. The mobile app simply allows you to quickly capture a thought or idea which can then be securely stored on the iMemorized server.

Confirmation that your journal entry was received by the iMemorized secure web portal.

Journal entries you create using the mobile app appear in the secure web portal.

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