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The settings and preferences menu allows you to set things like the time before the app automatically logs you out due to inactivity (for your security), whether timestamps should be displayed on memories you create, and setting a password for offline use.

iOS Mobile App Settings & Preferences


Below is a summary of the settings & preferences menu options:

Default Email

This is the email account that will appear in the username field on the login screen by default whenever the app is started

Offline Mode Pwd

Create a password for offline use. This means you'll still be able to log into the mobile app even when your device does not have a connection to the Internet. Some features won't be available in offline mode, such as Mobile Files or sending memories to the secure web portal.

Memory Geolocation

Preference for displaying the location where memories were created in the Media Gallery

Memory Timestamp

Preference for displaying the timestamp for the date and time memories were created in the Media Gallery

Session Timeout

Set how long you would like the app to wait before logging out your account due to inactivity. This is mostly used as a security precaution so you don't leave the app open and exposed for extended periods of time.

Diary Events Colour

Select a default colour to be used for events you create in the Calendar

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