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You may want to record accounts you own, such as bank accounts or credit cards, along with any associated passwords or PINs so that you are free to look up this information securely at any time using iMemorized. This information will be available from the iMemorized web portal, but you can also make it available on the iMemorized mobile app.

Select the Account menu option in either the Member's Secure Area or the Secure Vault Area to visit the Accounts page. Accounts you create will always exist in the Highly Secure Vault Area, but you can choose whether or not they should appear in the Member's Secure Area. Similarly, you can also control which accounts are accessible to you while using the iMemorized mobile app.

Managing Account Records


To attach a file to an Account, press the view Account details button. At the bottom of the page you will see a file attachments area. Press the 'Attach File' button or drag and drop files onto the target area to attach a file.

Check the box in the Mobile column of an account record in the Members Secure Area to make that account available in the iMemorized mobile app. Similarly, checking the box in the Zone1 column of the Highly Secure Vault Area will display the account in the Members Secure Area. This allows you full control over which accounts appear where.


Controlling Where Your Accounts Show Up

By default, passwords for your accounts are hidden from view, but you can display them using the show/hide control location in the account table heading for the Password column. Just click the eye symbol to toggle showing and hiding all values in the Password column.

Attaching Files to Accounts

Editing and Deleting Accounts

Show/Hide Account Passwords

To view the details of an account record, click on the account name or use the blue edit button located in the Actions column. To delete an account, use the red trash can button also located in the Actions column of the accounts table.

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