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After signing in to the iMemorized web portal, the Member's Secure Area home page is displayed. This is where regular day-to-day activities take place.

The Member’s Secure Area is protected by bank-like security of user name, password and challenge questions. You can be confident that day-to-day activities and passwords and pin numbers are secure against unauthorized access. This is the area for creating files and downloading information to be saved that deal with routine daily activities like maintaining income tax receipt files, updating repair records for vehicles, uploading photos from a camera, etc. Specific files you want to access frequently without logging on to the portal can be accessed from the iMemorized app on your mobile phone or device.

A top menu bar provides you with quick access to all features of the Member's Secure Area. This includes your memory files Inbox, Calendar, Accounts, Assets, Identity Documents and Daily Journal.

Member's Secure Area


Entering the Vault

In order to access the Secure Vault area of the iMemorized web portal, click the Enter Vault button seen on the Member's Secure Area. You'll be asked to provide your security code. Please keep in mind that if you've installed the iMemorized mobile app, you will need to use the one-time password (OTP) feature of the mobile app to lookup your security code. This code will change every 30 seconds.


If you haven't yet installed the mobile app, please enter the security code you created when you first signed up for iMemorized. If you can't remember your code, you can reset it by visiting the My Account menu and selecting the Forgot Security Code option and then follow the instructions.



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