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Memory Capsules



Memory capsules allow you to pass on memories and other important information to your loved ones in the event that something should happen to you. There is no limit to how many memory capsules you can create or the number of files you can store in a memory capsule.

Use the Memory Capsules page in the Secure Vault Area to manage your memory capsules. Here you can create a new capsule, or open or delete an existing memory one.

Create a New Memory Capsule

To begin creating a new memory capsule, click the 'Create a New Memory Capsule' button at the right of the screen.

Enter a short name for the memory capsule, such as the name of the person you're creating it for, then select a memory capsule type. Memory capsules can either be event based, where a specific event must occur before the capsule can be discovered, or a time capsule, where a certain date must be reached instead. Once the target date of a time capsule has been reached, an email is sent to the designated participant. The email will contain an access code that they can use to unlock the memory capsule you've left for them.

Unlocking a Memory Capsule

When you assign a memory capsule to a participant, you're asked to create a set of security questions and answers to help further protect it from unauthorized access. So whenever you attempt to open a memory capsule you've assigned to a participant, you'll be asked to answer this same set of questions before being able to access its contents.

Viewing the Contents of a Memory Capsule

Upon opening a memory capsule you are redirected to the memory capsule details page. Here you'll be presented with the option of editing the name and type of the capsule, and managing the files and folders that make up its contents.

Deleting a Memory Capsule

Delete a memory capsule from the main Memory Capsules page by clicking on the 'Delete' link in the bottom left area of the memory capsule graphic.

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