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This section describes how you can uncover your participation in a memory capsule left by an iMemorized member or report the death or incapacitation of a member.

Memory Capsule Participation



Memory Capsule Participation Inquiry/Search

Select the 'Participation Inquiry/Search' option from the Inquiry menu or press the 'Begin New Inquiry' button from the Past Inquiries page. You'll then be asked to provide some basic information about the iMemorized member you're inquiring about or want to report a death or incapacitation for.

You will need to provide the first and last name of an existing member and then one of the following:

  • A death certificate number for the deceased member

  • An access code you have received

  • Details about the member's incapacitation

Verifying the Information You Provide

You'll be informed whether the information you provided matches our records for the member or if the access code you provided is valid. If you've provided a death certificate number for a member or incapacitation details, please be aware that it can take up to 72 hours for iMemorized staff to verify these details. Once verified, you will be notified of any memory capsules that have been left for you by the member.

Viewing Your Participation in Other People's Memory Capsules (Past Inquiries)

If you click on the 'Inquiry' icon from the Member's Secure Area, or select the 'Past Inquiries' option under the Inquiry menu in the top banner bar, you will see a page listing all of the memory capsules you participate in. There are capsules left for you by other iMemorized members. Initially this list will be empty and you'll be given the option to search for a memory capsule participation.

Submission of a death certificate number has been received.

You will be informed if the access code you provided was incorrect.

Accessing a Memory Capsule That's Been Left for You

Once the death certificate number, incapacitation details, or access code have been verified, you will be informed whether you have successfully uncovered any memory capsule participations.


Note: If you have an access code, you can be sure a memory capsule has been left for you.

Now when you visit your Past Inquiries page you will see the memory capsule you've uncovered.

Success! You have uncovered a memory capsule left for you by another member

Click the 'Start Challenge' link next to the capsule you would like to open, then answer the security questions the member created to help protect the capsule from unauthorized access. Ideally, the member selected questions that only you and they know the answer to.

If you've answered the questions correctly, you can now access the memory capsule contents. If there was a problem with one or more of your answers, you can try again at any time.

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