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Secure Vault Area



The Secure Vault Area, protected by an additional layer of security, is where all of your most private information is stored: your memory capsules, personal contacts and all accounts, assets, and ID documents - not just the ones you chose to include in the Member's Secure Area.

Here's a summary of activities you can perform in the Secure Vault Area:

  • Create and manage memory capsules

  • Create and manage participants

  • Assign a participant to a memory capsule

  • Transfer files from your Buffer Capsule to specific memory capsules

  • Create and manage contacts who should be granted special permissions in the event that you become incapacitated. See the Incapacitation menu option for more information.

  • Manage all of your accounts, assets, and identity document records

  • Manage photos in your private Photo Gallery

  • Manage backup copies of files in your Backup Capsule

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