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Your iMemorized account is protected by bank-level security which includes data encryption, hashed passwords and security questions. These features are used to protect important information about your assets, accounts, and identity documents, as well as memories you upload to iMemorized in the form of voice, video, photo and text files.

Transfer any number of memories (files) to a secured, personalized memory capsule which you can leave for someone you care about. All memories capsules are protected by a second layer of data encryption which uses a key only you and your designated beneficiary should know.


The Member’s Secure Working Area includes a calendar and daily journal for recording all of your notes, meetings, appointments, reminders and other time-sensitive information.

The Highly Secure Vault Area is protected by an additional security code. It begins as a second password you create when you setup your iMemorized account; however, it is replaced by a more secure one-time password which you generate using the iMemorized mobile app once you install the app on a device you own. This is called two-factor authentication. The one-time password is only valid for 30 seconds, after that a new one-time password will be generated. 

Memory files for permanent storage are transferred to a buffer capsule in the Highly Secure Vault Area. After authentication by the one-time password security system, you, the Member, can transfer each file from the buffer to the appropriate memory capsule. Memory files in a specific capsule may be shared remotely by your designated Participant. Participants are designated by you - the Member - complete with name, address, email, etc. and with a number of challenge questions that will be common knowledge between on you and the designated participant. Participants are required to sign in to the portal and supply a death certificate number or other access code sent by iMemorized. Once confirmed, they will be required to respond to the challenge questions to inquire if they are designated to share in a memory Capsule.

Web Portal Overview


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