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The My Account menu allows you to view and manage your iMemorized account information. You'll find the My Account menu on the right hand side of the top banner. Use the pull-down menu to manage different aspects of your iMemorized account.

My Account



From the My Account menu select the My Profile option to review your iMemorized account profile details. Here you can view your client ID and amount of file storage you have remaining for your current plan or change your contact information. You also have the option of upgrading your storage plan.

My Profile

Change Password

From the My Account menu select the Change Password option to modify your password. You must provide your current password before you will be able to apply the changes.

Change Security Code

From the My Account menu select the Change Security Code option to modify your security code. You use this code to access the Highly Secure Vault Area of iMemorized. Please note that once you've installed the iMemorized mobile app on a mobile device, you will need to use the one-time password generated by the app to access the vault instead. For more information please see the help section entitled Security Code.

Forgot Security Code

If you've forgotten your security code, select the 'Forgot Security Code' option from the My Account menu. Then click the 'Forgot Security Code' button to begin the reset security code process. An email containing a reset link will be sent to the email address registered with your iMemorized account.

Change Security Questions

If you would like to change the security questions and answers used to protect your iMemorized account, select the 'Change Security Questions' option from the My Account menu and then complete the form.

Use the My Subscriptions menu option to review the details about your current iMemorized subscription. You can also view instructions on how to cancel your subscription.

My Subscriptions

My Devices

Use the My Devices menu option to view any mobile devices associated with your iMemorized account. Your mobile device becomes associated with your account when you install the iMemorized mobile app onto it. You also have the option of removing the device from your account. You may reassociate your device at any time by simply re-installing the mobile app.


An iMemorized Membership ensures your account is kept in good standing for a fixed number of years or without limit even if your subscription payments stop. This guarantees the memory capsules you create for loved ones remain accessible no matter what. Memberships are entirely optional but recommended. Choose from 5-year, 10-year, and lifetime memberships. To find out more please visit the Products & Pricing page.

Storage Plans

Every iMemorized account begins with 1GB of storage space, but you can increase this amount at any time by paying for a storage plan upgrade. This means you will be able to store more memories in your memory capsules. For more information on storage plans please visit the Products & Pricing page.

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